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We expect our PCDA Company members to:

  • Show support for the studio, teachers, and fellow teammates

  • Show respect for PCDA staff 

  • Have a strong desire to grow as a dancer and artist

  • Have a strong foundation of technical and performance elements

  • Be willing to go 100% with their commitment

  • Have a positive attitude and bright smile 

  • Be self-motivated and have a willingness to improve 

Commitment Level:

A PCDA company member is required to participate from auditions in May through Nationals the following summer. This is a serious commitment and we strongly emphasize our company members responsibilities. Participants are expected to fulfill this commitment and there is a parent/dancer agreement to sign.


Competition dancers enjoy a unique and exciting opportunity to travel to regional and national dance competitions, conventions and community performances. Members of our company learn how to work as team players while training, perfecting their skills and performing for a wide array of audiences!

All teams offer the opportunity to study dance at a more professional level and are geared for those who wish to take their dance education to the next level. Being a part of a competitive team is an enriching, unforgettable experience!

Our company has won regional and national awards, as well as having been nominated for Industry Dance Awards–and won! Students have been awarded scholarships, titles, and top awards. Our choreography has been highlighted and awarded! We maintain team-oriented goals and showcase every dancer in their best light.

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