THE best Dance Company in Panama City, FL. We are going on 1 year and my 5 year old LOVES it! She has improved so much and the staff is super friendly and understanding. It has been a great experience for us! It really feels like a second home with how amazing ALL of the girls are and the moms are great and super helpful! We love it here!!


We love Panama City Dance Academy. My 2 older granddaughters went here all the way through school and loved it. My youngest granddaughter is in her 3rd year here and first year of company. She is 10 and they have been so great with her. She has really improved in the 3 years she has been here. This is a studio that really cares about your children and makes sure they learn whatever level they begin on. They make life long friends, and learn teamwork and discipline. The teachers and staff are wonderful and we are so happy to be part of this dance family.


We love PCDA! My daughter has been going since she was 2 years old and loves it. She has made life long friends with her dance mates and has grown each year in confidence in performing and perfecting her dance technique. The staff is very friendly and so are all the parents. We have never experienced any "Dance Mom" mentality, in fact they are usually the most helpful since they have a lot of experience and have gone out of their way to make new dance families feel welcome. They do have an excellent award winning company, but it is never forced on to other families to join. Some beginner dancers may feel uncomfortable to start if they are older because the classes are set up by ages/grades and not necessarily by ability or experience, however it can also push them to learn from their peers. Ms Michelle is a wonderful owner, teacher, mentor and friend to these dancers.