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Panama City Dance Academy is a legacy studio originating under Barbara Strausbaugh. For 30 years the Barbara Strausbaugh Dance Centre remained a prestigious studio in Panama City. In 2003, Michelle Williams, a student and staff member of Mrs. Strausbaugh, took over as Owner/Director. Although changing the name to Panama City Dance Academy, the legacy of providing exceptional dance training has continued for another 20 years. 


A message from Michelle:

I am honored to be trusted with your children through their experience in dance. This art has such a special place in my heart and I am grateful to share it with our community. Our purpose is to enrich the lives of our dancers by inspiring them to be passionate about the arts, broaden their horizons to be creative and to build self confidence as well as discipline. 

With our experience of 30+ years of success, we've instilled lifelong learning, well-being, transformation, and progress through out many dancers who have moved through our doors. We strive to guide each dancer to his or her highest potential whether they dance recreationally or professionally. 

Our philosophy is to provide a fun, safe, nurturing and supportive atmosphere to cultivate each student's love for the art of dance. 

Thank you for being here!

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